Mantis 2 and Mantis MB

Mantis 2 PWM compressor is back!

As much as it was a plain, single-instance Nebula program, MANTIS 1 PWM compressor was prized as a very effective and musical processor, particularly suitable for bus dynamic control and mastering duties. In this brand new MANTIS 2 bundle by SoundDrops, you’ll see how the original MANTIS has come of age.

MANTIS 2 Bundle is a brand new suite of four plug-ins based on the original valued compressor stage. All of them are now full-fledged Acqua libraries and are supplemented by a versatile pre-amp and clipper section for added harmonic color if requested.

But there’s more. Given that MANTIS is first and foremost a very smooth and forgiving mastering compressor, a multi-band version was inevitable, sooner or later, and there you have it, complete with transparent, continuously adjustable cross-over filters!



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Trial Version is available as well.