Kent Guitar Amp

From 1955 on, a series of celebrated guitar amps were designed and built in the green English county of Kent, namely in the town of Dartford, thanks to Dick Denney’s creativity and Tom Jennings’s entrepreneurial spirit. From the early ‘60s on, this amp greatly contributed to shape the sound of British Rock/Pop music and it’s regarded as the holy grail of guitar amplifiers still to this day.
It takes a good dose of naivety to enter this already crowded market, but come to think about it, the various owners of this brand have been building and selling this model for more than 60 years now. There are so many ‘AC sounds’ out there: surely the KENT GUITAR AMP suite can bring something still new to the table.

Based on a wonderful vintage 30W model paired with a 2×12” cabinet equipped with Blue Celestions, property of Elfo Recording Studios, KENT is bound to win you over with its warm tone and ‘chimey’ harmonics. This release includes also an LE (Light Edition) version, specifically designed to reduce the CPU load and allow an easier use of this library in real-time settings.

The KENT GUITAR AMP suite includes 2 different plug-ins:


This is the complete head+cabinet chain. Here you have all the customary controls for the amp section, 2 microphones for the cabinet (each microphone can be mixed and panned independently) plus an independent stereo ambient microphone.

Kent Le

A lighter version of KENT, meant for real time tracking and processing. Differently from the main plug-in, KENT LE offers only a fixed stereo microphone setting and a slightly simplified internal structure. In return, its CPU load is on average less than a half of KENT’s. Its warm and chimey sonic traits are left untouched all the same.



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