Henry – Q

HENRY-Q GERMANIUM INDUCTOR EQUALIZER is part of the brand new MetaWare series of Acqua/Nebula libraries for N4 by SoundDrops. It is essentially an equalizer entirely based on real inductors, and as such it could be described as a ‘tone-color’ processor, rather than a transparent one. Yet, many different responses can be achieved using its versatile sections; if a cleaner tone is needed, the pre-amp stage (the first offender as far as the aforementioned tone-coloring is concerned) can be bypassed at will.

HENRY-Q includes 2 filters, 4 eq sections and a transformer-coupled germanium stereo pre-amp stage.

• Both the High-Pass and Low-Pass filters have a 12dB/oct. slope with a continuous frequency control; they also display a unique feature, rarely found in other devices: a continuous Resonance control that adjusts the amplitude of an additional peak located near corner frequency, from 0 to a maximum of +3dB. It’s a very effective sound-shaping tool.

• The equalizer section includes 4 cells: a Low Frequency shelf, a Lo-Mid and a Hi-Mid bell eq (each with two selectable bandwidths) and finally a High section, switchable between a shelf or bell curve.

• Finally, HENRY-Q‘s stereo germanium pre-amp stage is essential in producing the typical sound texture of a real inductor equalizer. Its main feature is that its THD-Total Harmonic Distortion value (i.e. its propensity to generate overtones) is heavily dependent on frequency, just like real transformers/inductors do. It’s a kind of response that gives weight to the lower range and at the same time makes bass-heavy instruments more present and distinct in a mix, even on smaller speakers. Being sampled in stereo, it subtly widens the soundfield image as well.



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