Henry – F

HENRY-F INDUCTOR-BASED RESONANT FILTER is a free offering by SoundDrops, as an introduction to its bigger brother, Henry-Q. It includes a High Pass and a Low Pass filter which are entirely based on real inductors. Essentially it is the filter section included in HENRY-Q (which in addition includes 2 filters, 4 eq sections and a transformer-coupled germanium stereo pre-amp stage).Both the High-Pass and Low-Pass filters in HENRY-F have a 12dB/oct. slope with a continuous frequency control; they also display a unique feature, rarely found in other devices: a continuous Resonance control that adjusts the amplitude of an additional peak located near corner frequency, from 0 to a maximum of +3dB. It’s a very effective sound-shaping tool.

One of the advantages of Acustica’s technology is that it allows to design and build processors whose realization would be quite impractical in the analogue domain. HENRY-F is a case in point, in that it includes a couple of inductor-based filters which offer a continuous control both for frequency and resonance, with a constant and predictable action throughout the range.

Henry-F is available for free here

Please note: all Acqua libraries released by 3rd party developers such as Henry-Q and Henry-F are loaded as programs inside N4 (formerly known as Nebula4) or N4Player.

The free N4Player can be downloaded here

or, even better, it can be installed through the assistant application Aquarius, available here.