Handcrafted Acqua/Nebula Libraries


There are many different ways to emulate in the digital domain the sonic behavior of an analogue audio processor. By general consensus, Acustica’s proprietary V.V.K.T. (Vectorial Volterra Kernels Technology) is one of the most succesful technologies for this challenging task.

SoundDrops develops N4 / N4Player libraries taking advantage of this groundbreaking technology, with a view to creating musical tools that combine the convenience of the digital workflow with the engaging warmth of the analogue sound.


Featured Plug-ins

“This is my ideal tone: heavy treble, heavy bass, light midrange to keep from getting muddy.
It’s a sound like ‘lemonade, clear, bright, and punchy”.

(Leo Fender)

The FULLERTON Guitar Amp plug-in reproduces with utmost accuracy the sound of a 1966 Twin (S/N A07091, based on the classic AB763 circuit) equipped with two original Jensen 12” speakers, captured in all its punchy bite and powerful clarity by four microphones (selectable in pairs) plus two different stereo room ambiences.

Great care has been taken in reproducing to the fullest extent possible the same user experience as that of a real amp, down to such details as the true-to-life scaled action of the various controls, the unique waveform of the opto-cell vibrato circuit and the ever popular, gorgeous reverb tone.


KENT GUITAR AMP SUITE, the latest Acqua library for N4 by SoundDrops, was sampled from a wonderful vintage ‘AC’ 30W model paired with a 2×12” cabinet equipped with Blue Celestions. Enjoy its unique chimey and warm crunch tone in this faithful digital reproduction.


Based on a wonderful vintage ‘Custom 50’ paired with a 4×12” cabinet, both built in the early ‘70s, the SURREY GUITAR AMP SUITE of Acqua libraries for N4 by SoundDrops is bound to surprise you with its lifelike depth, its warm yet snappy tone.


MANTIS 2 PWM COMPRESSOR BUNDLE is a suite of four plug-ins based on a smooth and musical PWM compressor, originally designed and built with this specific library in mind. This suite includes also 2 two-band versions of the compressor with adjustable cross-over point, and each plug-in is supplemented by a versatile pre-amp and clipper section for added harmonic color, if needed.


PURETEQ CLASSIC PASSIVE EQUALIZER BUNDLE is the third release of the MetaWare series of Acqua libraries for N4 by SoundDrops. It is a collection of three iconic tone-shaping tools that have literally written the history of professional music recording.


HENRY-Q is a warm sounding, fully inductor-based 4-band parametric equalizer complete with resonant HP and LP filters and a stereo transformer-coupled Germanium preamp stage. Versatile, but with a personality of its own!


HENRY-F inductor-based resonant filter is a free library which includes a High Pass and a Low Pass filter, both entirely based on real inductors. It is essentially the filter section included in its bigger brother, HENRY-Q. Available for free on the Aquarius app.